What’s On: Winter 2023/24

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Welcome to the latest edition of What’s On, a guide to all the events run by Govanhill
Baths this winter.

In this issue we are delighted to introduce you to our wonderful new logo above. We are very grateful to Form Digital, Scottish Design Agency of the Year 2022, for volunteering their time and creativity. This unique and imaginative design takes us forward as we prepare to reopen Govanhill Baths and begin a new chapter for our beloved building. Over the coming months you’ll see the new design used more frequently online and in our printed materials. We hope you like it as much as we do!

Our summer issue contained a questionnaire asking what you wanted to see in the new Govanhill Baths. This was part of a consultation conducted with the community that almost 600 people took part in. You can find out what they said in this issue.

Speaking of consultations, in the last issue our Wellbeing Programme asked readers what activities they’d like to do to improve their physical and mental health. Well, the results are in and the programme has added four fantastic new classes including drumming and football.

Govanhill Baths Arts has a new group for people aged over 55 to learn different art media and techniques, and our upcycling project Rags to Riches has added a new workshop to help you make your own shirts.

Finally, if you are a member of our People’s Pantry make sure you renew your membership before the end of December.