What’s On: Arts and Events Programme June to August

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Welcome to the latest edition of What’s On, a guide to all the events run by Govanhill Baths. With summer here, it’s time to get out and about so why not look at the walking and gardening groups run by our Health and Wellbeing programme.

In this issue we’re also introducing a number of new and exciting upcycling workshops to help you learn woodworking skills. Whether you’re a novice or already know a little, we’ll help you get to grips with the tools and techniques you need to tackle DIY projects.

In Arts, join a new workshop exploring how sounds affect us and help us relax. You’ll meet new people and learn creative skills for making sounds.

Of course, in August we’ll see the annual Govanhill International Festival and Carnival. Each year it gets bigger, brighter and bolder! We’ve already started putting together the wonderful events we’ll be running. Keep a look out for the festival programme when it’s published in July. Full details will also be available at www.govanhillbaths.com/festival

Don’t forget, our Sponsor a Tile campaign is still running to raise funds to make Govanhill Baths fully accessible. Have your name, a family member’s or a friend’s included in a permanent artwork in the building. Click for full details.

Arts, Health and Wellbeing


Neighbourhood Centre, 6 Daisy Street, Glasgow G42 8JL

A free gentle yoga and relaxation class to help you stay fit and healthy. Suitable for beginners. More details: tinyurl.com/7w5jh7rv

Beginners Tai Chi

The Larkfield Centre, 39 Inglefield Street, Glasgow G42 7AY

Suitable for beginners, this ancient martial art combines deep breathing and relaxation with flowing movements. Practiced around the world for its health benefits. More details: tinyurl.com/2z3wrhbc

Growing Govanhill – Gardening group

Wed 08 & 22 Jun, 27 Jul | 5:00pm
Toryglen Allotments

A weekly gardening group that teaches you how to grow your own veggies, flowers and herbs! More details: tinyurl.com/2p9cb2fv

Walking Group

Mon 06, 13, 20 & 27 Jun | 12:00pm
Walks start at The People’s Pantry, 488 Cathcart Road, Glasgow G42 7BX

Looking for some gentle outdoor exercise with a friendly group of people? Then this group is for you! The walk will be both on and off paths, so please prepare for some areas being muddy. More details: tinyurl.com/2p838cn6

LGBTQI+ Gardening Group

Join us for a series of workshops on growing food and gardening. More details: tinyurl.com/k4xpat4u

Fishing for Beginners

Ever wanted to try fishing? Or perhaps you fished years ago and would like to get back into it? Join Bob for relaxing and fun sessions to learn new skills and catch your tea! More details: tinyurl.com/m38uyzt8


Ceramics Handbuilding Classes (£125)

The Deep End, 21 Nithsdale Road, Glasgow G41 2PZ

Learn to handcraft ceramic objects in a fun and supportive environment. All materials and firings are included.
Across four sessions, one of our skilled tutors will guide you through the foundational techniques of ceramics handbuilding. You will have the opportunity to produce several objects that you can decorate, glaze and take home with you. Beginners will be fully supported and directed throughout the course, and more experienced participants will be given the room to choose their own direction of study.
Across four two-hour sessions, this program will guide you through the various techniques required to get a ‘handle’ on handbuilding. Starting with the basic techniques, you will learn ways of combining, working, and finishing your new creation. Beginners will be fully supported and directed throughout the course, and more experienced participants will be given the room to choose their own direction of study.

More details: tinyurl.com/2p9cju2w

Seeking Skilled Ceramics Tutors

Govanhill Baths Ceramics is seeking Skilled Tutors. Are you a talented artist or maker working with clay? Do you enjoy sharing your expertise with others?
We are looking for experienced Ceramics Tutors to lead courses in Glasgow’s Southside. We offer a fully equipped ceramics studio, technical support and competitive pay. If you are interested, please send your CV and images of your work (photos or instagram account) to ghbceramics@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

Kiln Hire

Bisque Firing £40 | Glaze Firing £50
The Deep End, 21 Nithsdale Road, Glasgow G41 2PZ

We have two Electric Kilns at the Deepend available to hire forBisque and Glaze firings, Small Kiln dimensions: 33.5cm (W) X 33.5cm (D) X
42cm (H) = 47 Litres. Large Kiln dimensions: 61cm (W) X 61cm (D) X 86cm (H) = 325 Litres. Contact us at ghbceramics@gmail.com with what clay/glazes you are using and what firing temps you require and we can arrange a time with you.

Rags to Riches

This is Not a Craft Market

Sat 18 Jun, 16 Jul & 20 Aug | 12:00 – 5:00pm | Free
The Deep End, 21 Nithsdale Road, Glasgow G41 2PZ

This is Not a Craft Market returns on the third Saturday of the month to play host to a collection of local artists and makers! Along with over 25 fantastic local makers’ stall, we also invite you to try your hand at our creative workshops, which will be happening throughout the day! More details: tinyurl.com/4cxz9nxz

This is Not a Boot Sale

Sat 04 Jun, 02 Jul & 06 Aug | Free
The Deep End, 21 Nithsdale Road, Glasgow G41 2PZ

Join us on the first Saturday of the month for This is Not a Boot Sale an emporium of secondhand, vintage, antiques and salvaged items. For just £20 we invite anyone to roll up and sell their wares! From a garage clear out to a wardrobe rethink, we welcome it all! More details: tinyurl.com/4cxz9nxz

Introduction to Jesmonite Casting

Thurs 08 Jun, or 14 Jul, or 11 Aug | 6:00 – 8:00pm | £25
The Deep End, 21 Nithsdale Road, Glasgow G41 2PZ

Jun: www.tinyurl.com/mrxfeuu2
Jul: www.tinyurl.com/ymjvmccy
Aug: www.tinyurl.com/mkty2rr7

Get casting with our Introduction to Jesmonite Casting Workshop and learn how to cast and set Jesmonite homewares using recycled plastics! We’re collaborating with the fantastic Sarah from Resin & Be Thankful to deliver this fun and creative workshop, where you’ll make four designs using two moulds including a mini plant pot and three candle holders, which you can take home with you on the day. All materials and equipment are provided by us.

The Pallet Challenge! Zero Waste Woodworking
(4-Week Course)

Mondays 27 Jun – 18 Jul | 5:00 – 8:00pm | £80 | Book: www.tinyurl.com/a6rknws2
The Deep End, 21 Nithsdale Road, Glasgow G41 2PZ

Booking: www.tinyurl.com/a6rknws2

Deconstruct, design and build using pallet wood (above right). Pallet wood is everywhere and often ends up in the scrap heap. Why waste this fabulous resource? This workshop shows the ways you can use pallet wood to build objects from planters to garden furniture, coffee tables and chairs. We’ll show fun and creative ways of using the material that’s always left on the street. Learn to use woodworking tools such as a cordless drill, jigsaw, marking tools as well as finishing techniques such as sanding and oiling. All culminating in you taking home a handmade pallet piece of your own making! We recommend participants have some familiarity with woodwork. If you’re a
complete beginner, try our Introduction to Woodworking course first.

Sewing for Beginners (6-Week Course)

Tues 19 Jul – 23 Aug | 6:00 – 8:00pm | £120
The Deep End, 21 Nithsdale Road, Glasgow G41 2PZ

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Learn to sew the sustainable way! Packed with learning, you’ll be making several simple projects like aprons, cushions, tote bags, face masks, and a zip purse. Sessions will take you through how to set up a sewing machine, sew using a variety of techniques, correct cutting methods and how to sew a zip. Includes a thorough introduction to practical sewing machine how-to’s, and even dabbling with techniques such as sewing with patterns and cutting skills. You’ll contribute to the ever-growing world of slow fashion and gain the understanding and confidence to create your own upcycling projects.

Introduction to Hand Tools and Woodworking
(3-Week Course)

Wed 22 & 29 Jun, 06 Jul | 6:00 – 8:00pm | £80
The Deep End, 21 Nithsdale Road, Glasgow G41 2PZ

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Learn handy woodworking skills with our newest addition to our workshop programme (above left). Everything you need to know to safely and efficiently use tools such as saws, drills, hammers and sanders as well as teaching techniques and tricks! Learn the skills to tackle your own DIY projects and the importance of upcycling and sustainable design. You’ll come away with your own planter box – made from upcycled wood! All materials and equipment are provided, simply bring yourself and your mask! Week One: Introduction to wood materials and processes. Demonstration of tools and materials, planning, measuring, sanding and drilling. Week Two: Measuring and cutting wood to assemble your planter. Week Three: Assemble and finish planter, along with sanding and surface treatment as needed.

Govanhill Baths Arts

In Walking Together We Make The Path

Free but booking essential
Tue 07 Jun | 6:00 – 7:30pm
The Bowling Green, 49 McCulloch Street, Glasgow G41 1SU

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A monthly a social dreaming workshop and communal meal open to people of marginalised genders, including women (inclusive of trans and intersex women), non-binary people and gender fluid people. Hosted by Artist and Facilitator Mina Heydari-Waitel. Social dreaming is a reflective practice where people share their dreams and associated thoughts in a group, layering a collaborative collage of images, ideas, cultural references and feelings. It seeks to put our ‘rationally’ defined reality in conversation with our wider imaginative dreaming minds. You do not have to be a vivid dreamer to attend this workshop; while the session will involve sharing literal dreams, it will also be a dream-like space in which associations, memories, thoughts and feelings can also act as ‘dreams’. Support for public travel will be available.

Ensemble Upvention

Wednesdays 6:00 – 9:00pm
The Deep End, 21 Nithsdale Road, Glasgow G41 2PZ

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A new community music project, transforming discarded objects into sounds and music. It’s part upcycling and part performance. The project will meet every Wednesday from 6:00 – 9:00pm at The Deep End, until at least August when we are aiming for a performance at the Govanhill International Festival. Whether you have existing musical skills or not, your energy and commitment to working in this new team will be very welcome. Membership is free but please complete the online form before attending.

Introductions to Queer Ecologies

See below for dates & times | Free
Workshops can be booked individually
Location generally The Deep End, 21 Nithsdale Road, Glasgow G41 2PZ
Intended for participants who identify as LGBTQI+.

Click for more information and to book

Introductions to Queer Ecologies is a series of workshops being led by
Áine Rowe (they/them) for LGBTQ+ people who want to begin to explore the natural world around them, and meet other like-minded people. The workshops will be practical, hands on events that will explore a wide-range of subjects – from plant medicine to sustainable food networks – and will be taking place in a relaxed, accessible and informal environment. Knowledge sharing, story-telling and sharing skills are all actively encouraged!
Sessions include: Seedbombs and bee-savers (Thur 19 May, 5:30 – 7:00pm); Plant Medicine 1 (Mon 06 Jun, 5:30 – 7:00pm); Plant Medicine 2 (Thur 16 Jun, 5:30 – 7:00pm); Plant Medicine 3 (Thur 30 Jun, 5:30 – 7:00pm); Dye Plants 1 (Thur 07 Jul, 5:00 – 8:00pm); Dye Plants 2 (Thur 21 July, 5:00 – 8:00pm); and, Queer Mycology (Thur 04 Aug, 5:00 – 8:00pm).

Soothing Sounds

Wed 29 Jun, 06 & 13 Jul | 1:30 – 3:00pm | Free

Click for more information and to book

Suitable for adults.

These sessions will be run by Ros Fraser, a radio maker and sound artist, working for Govanhill Baths as part of the national Culture Collective project. Ros is researching whether sound can be used as a tool to help us relax and support good mental health. This is 4-part workshop series that explores how sounds impact on us, and potentially help us relax. Meet new people, learn creative skills for making sounds and take part in a unique research project!

29 Jun: Learn how to record sounds from nature. This workshop will involve group walking in Queen’s Park.

06 Jul: Learn how to record podcast material – including interviews, ASMR sounds and sound effects.

13 Jul: We’ll gathering together to listen to radio as part of an ‘Audio Cinema’ experience, followed by sharing and discussion around what we’ve heard.

Lunch provided. Interpreters can be provided to support people who speak languages other than English. Childcare support can be provided for those with childcare responsibilities.

Dance Makes The Floor – Woodworking workshops

Mon between 20 Jun and 26 Jul | Free

Click for more information and to book

Suitable for adults.

Culture Collective dance artist Mark Bleakley has been working at Dixon Hallwith artists and participants at Dixon Hall. During the Govanhill Festival in August Mark will bring together a collection of people of all ages on a wooden dance floor built by the community. This will be an afternoon of dance and music on Victoria Road celebrating the power of coming together and the communities this creates. For the final stage Mark is bringing together people to take the donated and found wood from the community and turn it in to the intersecting tiles that will become the dance floor. Complete the form if you are interested in joining workshops to build the floor, and we’ll be in touch! Workshops will be at approximately 2:00 – 5:30pm.

Archives and Heritage

Here in Archives and Heritage we have been very busy working on a wide range of projects. We have been supervising placement students from Glasgow University and Kelvin College, and have been leading workshops about protest and tile-making with Holyrood Secondary and Hollybrook Academy. In April we had a fantastic event: ‘Tales of Auld Govanhill’ with Rae McKinlay and Bruce Downie. This was a pilot event for an even bigger storytelling celebration during Govanhill International Festival in August. Watch this space!

We are also really excited to announce the appointment of two Community Engagement Trainees: Beulah Ezeugo and Ghazala Ansar. The traineeships were designed to equip the post holders with all the skills needed for a career in heritage or community development. Look out for future What’s On editions to hear more about their experiences!

Archive Shout-Out
We are always looking for information to help us build a more complete picture of the Baths over time. If you have any memories of the Baths or Steamie from before its closure in 2001, the Save Our Pool campaign, or more recently, please get in touch. Maybe you have some photographs, trophies, medals, or any other objects relating to the history of the Baths and the activities that took place in them.
Please get in touch if you have anything that you would like to donate, loan or share or if you would like to visit the archive. Contact Paula on 0141 439 3919, or email archive@govanhillbaths.com


Pandemic Picture Pastimes

Runs until Sat 11th June
Mon – Fri: Exhibition 10:00am – 6:00pm | Slide Show 4:00 – 6:00pm
Sat: Exhibition & Slide Show 12:00 – 4:00pm
The Deep End, 21 Nithsdale Road, Glasgow G41 2PZ

Alan Rorrison (above left) is a local activist. He was a member of the Save Our Pool campaign and involved in the occupation of Govanhill Baths in 2001. During lockdown he started an Instagram account where he began posting photographs of the many places he went for a walk: Govanhill; the Necropolis; Queen’s Park; Pollok Park; Bellahouston Park; Lynn Park; Maxwell Park and more. The exhibition features a set of prints from his collection and a slide show.

Youth Club

The Base, 494 Cathcart Road, Glasgow, G42 7BX

Govanhill Youth Club runs an exciting programme for primary and secondary school children. This includes outdoor and arts-based activities along with group work discussing young people’s issues. Be sure to check our social media for the latest news and what we are up to! motional and physical journey from Primary school to Secondary school.

Learning and Outreach