This is the first blog from the Govanhill Baths Archive!!!! First of all we’re in a new space at the Baths – up the stairs in what was formerly the slipper baths and have a lot more room for people to come in and access our collections.
On the blog we want to share items and stories from the archive; report on our travels; give news of our development and link to articles, events, websites etc., on all things archive; particularly independent community archives and history from below.
A few weeks ago we received a wonderful letter in the post from C. Anderson with a competitor’s ticket to the Annual Gala of 1925. This is fantastic as recently for the Centenary Celebrations exhibition and the United We Will Swim book we had to request digital copies of tickets from Glasgow City Archives, Baths and Wash Houses Collection, so it’s great to have an example here at the Baths for people to access.

Centenary Celebrations exhibition http://govanhillbaths.com/portfolio-item/celebrating-our-centenary/
United We Will Swim book http://www.luath.co.uk/united-we-will-swim.html
Glasgow City Archives http://www.glasgowlife.org.uk/libraries/the-mitchell-library/archives/Pages/home.aspx