After 14 years of determined campaigning the Govanhill Baths Community Trust are proud to announce that the people of Govanhill will indeed be swimming again in the historic Govanhill Baths!

The Heritage Lottery Fund has awarded the Trust £1.2million to begin work on the first phase (Phase1b) to bring the building back into operation. The total investment will be 4.1 million which will cover both the development and design of the project and the restoration and refurbishment of the building. Investment has come from a variety of sources including the Big Lottery Fund, Historic Scotland, Glasgow City Council, various foundations and Trusts as well as a contribution from the Trust.
The refurbishment is scheduled to being in 2017 and will bring into service the Ladies’ pool, Learners’ pool, Turkish Suite and Sauna, Gym, Rooftop Gardens, a Community Kitchen and Multipurpose community spaces. While the former public washhouse, or ‘steamie’, will be turned into a theatre venue and community events and arts space.
Between now and when the refurbishment begins the Trust will be organising extensive community consultations and information events to make sure the community is fully informed and involved in the restoration of our beloved building.
The GBCT has agreed to raise 200,000 to support the restoration. We will be organising various fundraising events in the next 12 months including a production of the play, ‘The Steamie’, through to a ‘Sponsor a Swim’ where individuals can raise money through a sponsored swim and ‘Sponsor a tile’ where people can purchase a tile which will be included in the final restoration.
These are exciting times for the GBCT and the people of Govanhill.

The Board of Trustees would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who helped make this happen. It’s been a long fight but we made it.
United We Will Swim!