Govanhill Baths Community Trust wants to thank you all for 2017.  It has been a tremendous year for our project.  In February we opened the Children’s teaching pool, bringing swimming back to Govanhill for the first time in 16 years.  We had our first annual Govanhill International Carnival, bringing people together with a massive parade and celebration of our unique community.  And, most importantly, our Community Shares issue raised the money we needed to move ahead with the ultimate aim of restoring this historic building to be the Welbeing Centre we have been working towards for all these years.

It was only possible because of you, the people who support the campaign through contributions, volunteering and lending us your good will.   We had a footfall of over 24,000 people this year, coming to The Baths for everything from knitting and cooking to internationally celebrated arts events.

2018 is going to be a momentous year.  Towards the end of the year we will close to begin the refurbishment, something that might have seemed impossible a few years ago but became a reality because of the resilience, hard work and perseverance of the people of Govanhill and beyond.

Sometimes, among the hard work, its good just to celebrate, come together to chat and to dance.  Our friend Neil Bryson has organised an end of year party to celebrate our great year and look ahead to next year.  Its at the Rum Shack on Saturday (30 December) Neil will be compering and DJing and there will be live acts, Capone and The Bullets, The Zips, James G Creighton and The Sweet Vendettas.  Michael “Tich” Anderson (Altered Images) will be a guest DJ with some classic punk and ska.  We hope you can join us there and give yourselves a well-earned pat on the back.  Or, if you havent been involved before, come along to join in.  You can pay at the door (£5).

So come along, if you cant make it join us next year for one of our classes events, or pop in for a chat or to access our advice services.  Thank you again,