On Saturday, all day, Govanhill Baths will host events as part of this year’s Southside Film Festival.  Starting on Saturday morning, Rags to Riches and Southside Film present “Making in the Movies”. The day begins with the monthly Sew Lah Tea Dough meet-up, there will be a mini version of our annual “this is not a craft fair” with work from some of the top upcyclers and films running all day in the studio, converted to a cinema for the day, screening films on the subject of upcycling and recycling.  From 2pm “Transit Artists” will be showing films On a screen from a van in the gardens at Kingarth Street.  In the evening we have a special double bill with a one-off screening United We Will Swim… Again, Fran Higson’s film about the Baths campaign, followed by Bill Forsyth’s classic  That Sinking Feeling, produced by Fran’s mother Paddy Higson.

If you cannot make the screening of the Baths film it will be screened again on Sunday 18th October at the CCA as part of a Camcorders Guerillas retrospective at Document, the Human Rights Film Festival.  A videoteque preview of that retrospective will be in the Baths foyer from today.

For full details of these events and the film festivals see southsidefilm.co.uk and documentfestival.org