We’re delighted to reveal the Govanhill Food Stories Community Zine! This little zine documents the stories, drawings, favourite dishes and beloved recipes shared by local residents at the Govanhill Food Stories Community Market on the 13th of August 2022 at the Batson Street Laboratory.

Thank you to all zine contributors, market participants, project partners and funders who made this possible! Special thanks to Glasgow Zine Library and Polly Rappaport for putting the zine together.

Govanhill Community Market is a partnership between Glasgow Artists’ Moving Image Studios, G42 Pop-Ups and Govanhill Baths Community Trust. It aims to strengthen connections between different communities, support the local economy and breathe new life into underused spaces in the neighbourhood.

Govanhill is the most culturally diverse neighbourhood in Scotland, with over 80 languages spoken here. As with any rich mixture of backgrounds there are also misunderstandings, and this event is a platform for meeting our neighbours and learning more about their heritage and customs, as well as the history of immigrant and refugee communities in Govanhill.

The third edition of the Govanhill Community Market took place on the 13th of August 2022 at the Batson Street Laboratory. This outdoor market celebrated narrative through food as part of Govanhill International Festival and the Year of Stories 2022.

It was a great opportunity to try an exciting variety of cuisines, cooked by community organisations and businesses from Govanhill and beyond, and to learn the history and traditions behind the dishes. We were served delicious coffee and pop-corn at the Eritrean coffee ceremony led by UNITY Sisters, and explored links between migration, colonialism and food systems in a fun session with Tunvii Khurana and Diana Jiménez (Nourish Scotland) as part of the ‘Our Rights, Our Communities’ project.