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Summer fun – What’s Cooking?

Tuesday: Cook Along starts 4:00pm
Collect ingredients 12:00 to 2:00pm from The Base at 494 Cathcart Road

Join young people and families from Govanhill Youth Club in a series of cook-along at home. Young people from the group will be hosting, cooking, and sharing their favourite things to eat. The recipes will feature in their first cookbook. If you’d like to take part hosting a session, cooking along or sending a recipe get in touch with at youth@govanhillbaths.com

Twenty places available per week.

The Youth Club will also be making up soil and seed packs to grow your own herbs and veggies! If this is something you want to get involved with, email youth@govanhillbaths.com and you will get sorted out with a pack!

What Do You Listen To When You Need A Boost?

We’ve been asking the staff at Govanhill Baths what their most uplifting songs are.  An eclectic playlist is beginning to be formed!  What’s your favourite song, guaranteed to cheer you up or get you moving?  Check out our Facebook page for a weekly recommendation!

What Does a Better Normal Look Like?


COVID-19 has completely disrupted life as we know it. Inequalities are now very obvious, but so is the fact that the Govanhill community pulled together with much caring and support.

As we emerge from lockdown, we’re all keen to get back to some sense of normalcy. But do we want to come out of this pandemic living exactly the same way we did before? Or are there elements of pre-COVID-19 life that we don’t want to return to?

We at Govanhill Baths definitely want a better society, free of inequalities and with a strong sense of community.

What about you? What would you like to see change? Email us your ideas to community@govanhillbaths.com or post on our Facebook , Instagram or Twitter with #GovanhillNewNormal

We will refer to your comments and ideas as we build our plans for the future, and will help spread your voice in all our networks. Let’s get the discussion going!

Recording Govanhill

Illustration: Smartphone photographing rainbow

Summer is here! There’s so much to experience around us. What sights, sounds, textures, smells can you record from your window, or as you go out for your daily exercise? What is connecting you to others, just now?

We’d love to share your photos, drawings, poems or sound recordings of whatever is capturing your attention in Govanhill during lockdown! Whether you mostly stay at home, go out daily for your exercise or are one of our precious key workers, share your perspective and appreciation of something that is special to Govanhill’s community – everything wants to be noticed!

Just upload it to your Facebook Page with the tag #RecordingGovanhill

For more information email us at community@govanhillbaths.com

Calling All Swimmers at Calder Street / Govanhill Baths

Did you, or someone you know, swim at Calder St/Govanhill Baths? Did you learn to swim there? Were you a member of an amateur swimming club – Govanhill , Zenith, Kingston or Glasgow? Or maybe another? We want to hear from you. We are developing our archive further and want to include as much of the history of the Baths as possible, especially from people who swam here in competition or for leisure.

We can record interviews, you can deposit medals/trophy’s with the archive or photographs of your treasured possessions. If you have a medal, a trophy or a story about swimming at the Baths please get in touch. Contact Paula on 07731 712482 or email: archive@govanhillbaths.com.

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