Two people strike a Tai Chi pose in front of the Ying Yang symbol.


Unfortunately, due to unforeseen personal circumstances, there will be no Tai Chi classes until further notice. We are sorry for any inconvenience. 


What Danny says about the class:

Most people will know tai chi for its slow and flowing sequence of movements, said to be good for general health and wellbeing. Regular tai chi practice does relax the body, improves balance and coordination, and leads to better respiration and circulation. Almost anyone can practice at least some aspect of tai chi. In this ongoing class you will be introduced to a number of soft stretching and warm-up routines, including Chi Kung which primarily energizes the body and maintains health, and then a focus on a short movement routine, hand form.  Further information at Foundation Tai Chi Glasgow.

About Danny:

I have been a senior instructor for more than 30 years. I started learning tai chi in 1982 with Five Winds Tai Chi Chuan, Edinburgh and received my teaching award in 1986 from Cheng Tin-Hung, Hong Kong Tai Chi Association. I then taught tai chi in Edinburgh, Dunfermline, Lancaster, and Glasgow.

In 1993/4 I stopped teaching tai chi to devote more time to developing and teaching ba gua. Following extensive treatment for throat cancer in 2006 I wound down my involvement with ba gua and returned to tai chi with Wudang. I am a recognised tai chi and ba gua instructor with the TCUGB.