Social Prescribing

Our Social Prescribing activities enable Community Link Workers, GPs, nurses and other primary care professionals to sign people up to our activities in order to support their health and wellbeing. This is in addition to (and not instead of) whatever support (e.g., medication or therapy) that the care professional is providing.

You can access our Social Prescribing activities by asking your social and health care professional (e.g., GP, Health Visitor, Social Worker) to sign you up. They can fill in a booking form for an activity on your behalf or you can sign yourself up for your chosen activity. If you are with Govanhill Doctors Surgery your Community Links Practitioner can do this:

Practice A: Frankie Rose, 0141 531 8350 / 07970899818 /

Practice B: Leanne Jamieson, 0141531 8383 /

Practice C: Neil Girvan, 0141 531 8323 / 07970899807 /

In order to help you access these activities as comfortably as possible we have an access budget which can be used to provide language interpretation, a support worker, taxis, etc.

You are also welcome to bring someone with you (a friend, relative or professional) to the activity if it will make you feel safe and comfortable.

Distraction Boxes: (Designed by artist Sarah Leal)

Made by local artist Sarah Leal, these boxes contain a variety of tips, objects, words and kindness to help people understand what it is that they enjoy doing or making, and what makes them feel hopeful.

Sarah says: 

“I have based this box around the concept of wellbeing. Now what is wellbeing? It really compromises two things, one is feeling good and the other one is functioning well. They sound pretty simple and straightforward but most human beings will admit that they are far from being simple. Personally, what makes me feel good and function well is a combination of little things which include self care, connecting with myself and others, being active and learning.”

About Community Links Practitioners

Community Links Practitioners  work with people to help them address the issues that matter to them. They find out what’s happening in the community and can help people to access services, support or activities that might be of interest to them. 

They talk about what is going on in a person’s life, taking the time to listen and identify concerns or issues. Practitioners can discuss what’s in a person’s area and whether they’d like to access anything.

To meet a Community Links Practitioner, people should ask the GP, nurse or receptionist at Govanhill Doctors Surgery to make an appointment or contact Frankie, Leanne or Neil directly.