LGBTQI+ Gardening Group

Fortnightly on Mondays at 6-8pm. In-person & online. Location TBC.


Join our community of LGBTQ+ gardeners in Govanhill and the nearby areas. We have different projects happening throughout the year including in-person veg growing sessions, a trans herb garden in development and online talks and workshops on a range of topics like composting, botanical drawing, seed saving and queer ecology. Facilitated by Martha.

What participants have told us:

What’s so good about it … is that there’s so much brain stuff too. We’ve had so many intense but good sessions. Especially the online stuff. A good balance of learning stuff and trying stuff.

It’s a space to see learning in action. Like just plant stuff and see how it turns out. And be chill that sometimes things don’t grow, a lot of things fail, and I don’t need to take it personally.

There’s not many sober queer spaces so this group feels important.”

About Martha:

The group is coordinated by Martha Adonai Williams, a community grower based in the Southside.

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