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Make Durable Fabric with Plastic Fusing

Plastic bags are a nuisance! Learn how to fuse them together to make a durable fabric which will enable you to create eco-friendly and sustainable DIY projects.  Fused Plastic is the technique where layered, safely heated, and pressurised, plastic bags are melted to each other or themselves creating a new type of durable, waterproof, sewable material.

Follow Gail Power Design instructions in this video to find out how to make this amazing upcycled material using waste and simple equipment from home.

What you’ll need
  • An iron
  • A hard heat-resistant surface like a wooden cutting board
  • Thick cloth or old towels
  • Baking parchment paper
  • Some plastic bags! There’s no shortage of those in the world and they are making an unfortunate come back due to Covid-19
  • Scissors

Have fun and keep safe!

Please consider your health and safety and that of others, especially children and vulnerable adults, if you plan to replicate the activities in this video.

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What people have made and grown in lockdown with the Govanhill Baths Wellbeing Packs

Feedback from craft packs

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‘It helped as I was on my own at home, but this kept me busy.’

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‘Loved that it was something different and my mind was occupied to something that I enjoyed.’

Beginner’s Guide to Photography

In this two-part Beginner’s Guide to Photography, Martyna Maz talks through some key techniques for working with natural and artificial light and with composition. With just a few simple tips and tricks these videos will teach you how to take some great photos on any camera or camera phone.

Part One: Light

Part One: Composition

Martyna Maz is a local artist with a passion for photography. Since graduating from the Glasgow School of Art she has been developing her practice using a variety of digital and film cameras and working in her self built darkroom.

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