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Wellbeing, Arts and Health

Taking part in activities and being part of a supportive group can have a positive impact on your quality of life and community. Govanhill Baths Wellbeing, Arts and Health programme supports and provides opportunities for adults within the Govanhill community to come together and participate in a range of groups and activities to improve their health and wellbeing. 

Delivered by and built around the needs of our community, the Wellbeing, Arts and Health programme can provide a safe and supportive space to learn together, be creative and try something new.  Whether you’re looking to be more active, meet new people, try something relaxing or increase your self confidence we hope to have something for everyone to take part in.      

Run by a dedicated and passionate team of staff and volunteers our activities and classes are for people living within a mile of Govanhill who are not currently working, receiving benefits and not in education.  

Inline with NHS and Government guidelines, Govanhill Baths’ Arts, Health and Wellbeing classes are currently being delivered online or socially distanced.  Please read our Participant Agreement before taking part in any in person activity.

‘Art helps us access and express parts of ourselves that are often unavailable to other forms of human interaction. It flies below the radar, delivering nourishment for our soul and returning with stories from the unconscious. A world without art is an inhuman world. Making and consuming art lifts our spirits and keeps us sane. Art, like science and religion, helps us make meaning from our lives, and to make meaning is to make us feel better.’  Grayson Perry, Artist

Our exciting new Wellbeing project has launched!

Govanhill Baths Community Trust is launching an innovative project .

In collaboration with artist and illustrator Jem Milton, to support and improve people’s wellbeing we are distributing free postcard packs in Govanhill through shops, community groups, and GPs for people to collect.

Each pack contains six commissioned designs that focus on a simple activity or exercise that people can follow to improve their health, relax or be creative.

The cards include simple and accessible practices for yoga, mindfulness, Shiatsu and breathing, along with drawing, poetry and mask-making. Each pack also contains extra postcards for people to give to a friend or neighbour.

We want to invite people to actively join in by making each postcard their very own, by colouring it in, adding to the drawings or writing a motivational note to help during this challenging time. We would be delighted if people would like to share their postcards with the rest of the community after they’ve decorated them, and we have added a free post envelope so they can send them back to us if they wish to do so. We will then use them to make a public art piece in Govanhill for all to enjoy. This will have people’s messages of hope for themselves and the whole community as we get ready to move on from COVID-19.

To find out more visit: www.govanhillbaths.com/postcards

Latest Project Report

Each year we assess the performance of our Wellbeing programme. Our report for the year 2019 to 2020 is now available.

Click to view or download the report (PDF)