Textiles & Furniture


Repair Cafe


Upcycling Workshops to the Local Community

Rags to Riches specialises in upcycling and over the past few years our team of experts have developed a range of workshops using domestic and business waste.

  • Our skilled facilitators provide a wide range of workshops to the local community including:
  • Textiles
  • Furniture
  • Upholstery
  • Repair Cafe
  • Crafts: Macrame, Embroidery, Jewellery, Natural Dyeing, Tailoring

Most of our workshops involve a unique delivery model based on the ‘One for You and One for Us’. Participants who take part in our workshops make one item, which Govanhill Baths sells to bring in income for the project, and make one item for themselves using their newly acquired skills.

We work with a number of waste materials such as denims, jumpers, duvets covers, fabric offcuts, samples books, plastics, damaged furniture, wood and leather.