Upcycling Events

Over the last few years Rags to Riches has delivered and facilitated a number of bespoke fundraising and engaging upcycling events including:

  • This Is Not A Craft Fair
  • This Is Not An Orchestra
  • This Is Not A Fashion Show

This is Not A Craft Fair

This Is Not A Craft Fair was developed with the aim of engaging with the local upcycling communities whilst providing a platform for sharing, showcasing and selling new and exciting local art and crafts. Our own range of products is also available to purchase, which generates an income for Govanhill Baths and the Rags to Riches.

We delivered seven fairs, growing in strength, with large numbers of visitors  buying hand-crafted, local, upcycled and eco-friendly Christmas gifts.

This is Not An Orchestra

This event was first created as part of the Southside Fringe 2017 and involved a concert of extravagant sounds and visuals themed around waste, upcycling and creative re-use.

With This Is Not An Orchestra we added another string to our bow and is part of our successful brand of ‘This Is Not…’ fundraising events. This project explored the possibilities and resourcefulness of upcycling with locals artists commissioned to create new works along with music-making workshops to the community. These included a community Trash Orchestra, local artists collective Craftwerk who re-worked and re-engineered Kraftwerk covers using sewing machines, steam presses and other crafty tools, the Annette Street Primary’s Youth Steel Band, and Rachel Kelly who sang traditional songs and dressed in bespoke upcycled costume created by Betty Spoke.

The Trash Orchestra continued beyond this particular event and members of the community meet every Tuesday from 6pm to 8pm to make trash instruments and devise music pieces.

The Trash Orchestra can also be booked to perform at events and deliver trash instruments workshops aimed at young people. For more information, please email:

This Is Not A Fashion Show (2016)

After creating our first unique brand of upcycling events in 2012 (This Is Not A Craft Fair) and successfully delivering the  This Is Not A Fashion Show (an upcycled design event in 2014), we continued with another  innovative event with the iconic Govanhill Baths Main Pool dressed with one of Altronica’s infamous installations. This included thought-provoking performances, interactivity and an upcycling extravaganza.

Emerging designers Lucy Barge and Gail Coates showcased collections of de-constructed garments and jazzy funked-up hoodies along with Thrifty Little’s candy-pop upcycled gear and toytastic accessories.

Hamish Mash joined us with a collection of sharp upcycled outfits along with Sew La Tea Dough’s extreme-mending collection. Rags to Riches’ tutors, participants and volunteers showcased a trashonista collection made with men’s ties, plastics and other post-consumer waste.

This Is Not A Fashion Show (2014)

Our first ever upcycled fashion show was developed as part of the Southside Fringe 2014 line up and included a catwalk of intriguing and beguiling upcycled creations set in our historic Govanhill Baths Main Pool. This unique fashion show brought together an eclectic mix of organisations including Glasgow Clyde College fashion students, Urban Roots’ Interactive Garden dresses along with other designers such as Beautiful Brastards witty upcycled bras, and Glasgow Fleamark’s zingy clothing.

The Rags to Riches team also created a collection of boldly upcycled garments bringing tutors, volunteers and participants to further explore the wonders of creative re-use. Louna Productions  also brought a hint of storytelling following environmental themes and Altronica created one of his spectacular art installations for the stage.