Skills Development



Skills Development, Employability and Training

In addition to teaching upcycling skills we also run Employability, Training and Skills Development and Wellbeing workshops aimed at improving participants’ confidence, knowledge and practical experience in establishing a micro business or social enterprise. These workshops can also help move participants into further education or training.

Upcycle Your Skills

Participants learn and gain experience in production techniques, marketing, sales and customer service, in addition to learning design and traditional crafts skills such as sewing, woodworking and upholstery.

Participants are also supported with CV building, job searches along with visits to other organisations, colleges and museums.

Women on The Mend

Women on The Mend is a project aimed at working with vulnerable women and provides a friendly environment for nurturing and self expression. The participants of this course are involved in a long-term project with a long-term commitment. Learning new skills including traditional craft skills and experimentation, part self-led, part structured, this group is provided with tools such as:

  • Slow stitching with mindfulness
  • Tailoring
  • Natural dyeing
  • Upholstery
  • Sewing
  • Hand painting
  • Screen printing
  • Plastic fusing
  • Macrame
  • Machine embellishing

This program was kindly funded by Bank Of Scotland Foundation and Comic Relief.