Recycled Plastic Studio
@ The Deep End

Tackle plastic waste with us!

In our plastic recycling studio, we shred, melt and mould waste plastic using Precious Plastics Machines to make new products from coasters, to planters and innovative furniture. Our studio is home to one of Scotland’s only 1m x 1m plastic heat press machines, a plastic extruder and an industrial plastic chipper.

Waste plastic can be a precious material if treated creatively, and we invite you to come and use our machinery or buy sheets or shredded plastic to work on your own art projects.

Machine hires
Our machines will usually be available to hire on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 10am-5pm.

To check the availability of the machines and book a time to come in get in touch with our Plastic Facilitator Tiziano at

Buy recycled plastic by the kilo
You can buy pre-shredded recycled plastic from us on the Precious Plastics Bazaar.

Buy recycled plastic products