Latest Updates

Here we’ll share any upcoming events, as well as a summary of what the Learning team has been working on. 


March 2022
  • Four sessions at Holyrood Secondary School working with S4 ESOL learners. The largest class size was 18 students. Sessions this month were as follows: a walk around Govanhill, two sessions exploring the idea of ‘my home in Govanhill’, and an object handling session in collaboration with GBCT Archive. 
  • The advertisement for two Community Engagement Trainee positions went live. The deadline will be on April 8th. We are aiming to recruit two trainees with an interest in museum practice/community development, who may otherwise face barriers to entry into the sector. For more information, click here. 
  • Two of the four Holyrood students carried out work experience on a Clark Contracts site. 
  • Katherine visited Holyrood Secondary and gave a talk to 8 young people about the baths and what the refurbishment was about. The talk focused on what job opportunities there might be with Govanhill Baths in the future.

January 2022

  • The first stage of the project ‘Govanhill Past and Present’ at Hollybrook Academy culminated in a banner unveiling as part of the school’s 50th anniversary on Wednesday 19th January. 27 young people took part in the unveiling. 
  • We held our first careers event at Holyrood Secondary School, in collaboration with Clark Contracts. The aim of the event is to generate interest in the company’s apprenticeship roles, which will be advertised in March/April.
  • We completed an activity book for Holyrood Secondary’s ESL learners. This may be shared on a nationwide ESL website.

December 2021

  • Katherine delivered a 10-minute presentation about the refurbishment at the Occupy! Occupy! Occupy! Conference (2nd-3rd December), organised by GBCT Archive. The presentation covered the latest updates on the refurbishment, as well as giving people an insight into what the Heritage Learning Programme does. The presentation was attended by 84 people
  • We completed three sessions at Hollybrook Academy for the Govanhill Past and Present project. These involved a walk around Govanhill, a banner design session and a craft session. The banner will be completed in January in time for the school’s anniversary on 19th January. This is of course dependent on covid developments. So far I have engaged with 9 young people. 
  • Aayisha Rashid continued her work on placement, which included learning about schools engagement and meeting Karen Cooper at Holyrood Secondary. Of the placement so far, Aayisha says ‘it has exceeded all my expectations and I’m really excited to see how it develops’. 
  • We delivered a series of 12 videos to Holyrood Academy, in 7 different languages: English, Romanes, Romanian, Czech, Italian, Arabic and Urdu. The videos feature local people talking about living in Govanhill, and in particular what they like about the area. The videos are aimed at EAL learners aged 14-15, and will serve as a starting point for a programme of activities aimed at engaging young people in the baths and the wider Govanhill community. I hope to bring learners from both Hollybrook and Holyrood to see the baths in the new year (covid permitting).