We run an extensive programme for local schools, encompassing primary, secondary, and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). The aim of the programme is to engage local young people in the history of the baths, and encourage them to think of the building as their local resource. We have a particular focus on hard-to-reach groups within the school community, such as students who are new to learning English or have additional needs. The programme currently has three live projects:

  • Tilemaking with Holy Cross Primary: this project is a hands-on introduction to tilemaking in collaboration with GBCT Ceramics studio. Govanhill used to be home to two different tile- and brickworks, and the beauty of the tiles in the baths is well-known. The activities will eventually be developed into a pack which will tour primary schools in the area. 
  • My Home in Govanhill at Holyrood Secondary: this project, conceived jointly with Aayisha Rashid (Learning Programme Placement Student, 2021-2022) is focused on ideas of home and is aimed at young people who have little to no knowledge of English or literacy. The project is in its early stages but it is hoped to develop multimedia outcomes such as music videos or a short film at the end. 
  • Govanhill Past and Present with Hollybrook Academy: our Hollybrook project was created for the school’s 50th anniversary in January 2022. Students went on a tour of Govanhill and looked at archival footage of the area from the 1970s, when the school was founded. They also explored 1970s life. This culminated in the creation of a banner featuring the students’ map of Govanhill, which was unveiled in the school’s entrance hall during a celebration to mark Hollybrook’s 50th anniversary in January 2022. It is hoped to continue the project with site visits and hands-on experience of a construction site in early summer 2022. 

We also regularly run school projects in collaboration with GBCT archive, such as the time capsule project, On Our Streets: Protest and Celebration, and Occupy! Occupy! Occupy!, a festival to mark 20 years since the occupation of Govanhill Baths.