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Learning & Outreach

Looking Forward to… Some Fun School Projects!

Suitcase open with various items

The visual impairment box at the Open Museum

We thought we would update you on what the Learning and Outreach team has been up to during lockdown, so each week we’ll share with you some behind-the-scenes details of a project that we’re working on. In the process we’ll tell you about some exciting things you can look forward to after lockdown!

If we look back on our school days, the things that often stand out are the trips and projects, those out-of-the-ordinary events which gave us a taste of the exciting outside world. Perhaps it was a visit to a local museum, where you uncovered the prehistoric secrets of your town. Or maybe a musician came to school and showed everyone how to make a simple percussion instrument. Whatever it was, these partnerships with other organisations can really help to add excitement to the topics covered in school. At Govanhill Baths, we want to give that same feeling to a new generation of Govanhillians through an exciting school programme, which will encourage young people to see the baths as their local resource: a place to learn, hang out, and enjoy themselves.

What sort of activities do we have in mind? One of the main resources we are planning is a series of handling boxes, allowing young people to get up close and personal with our local heritage. Such boxes can include original artefacts together with activities, photographs, and even some music or oral histories stored on an MP3 player. How do we go about putting them together? Well, firstly we wanted to work out what our boxes should look like. So in early March, to learn more about how to put a handling box together, we visited The Open Museum at Glasgow Museums Resource Centre. This amazing project works to share Glasgow Museums’ collections with as wide an audience as possible, especially those who may not otherwise get to see them. We loved seeing the intricate boxes they had put together, on topics as varied at washhouses, visual impairments, and Scottish folklore!

Box containing laundry items

The washhouse box at the Open Museum

We found the boxes really inspiring, as well as the way the Open Museum tries to share them with as many people as possible. They also create travelling displays, and you may have seen one about jukeboxes in Govanhill Library.

The next step is to decide on themes for the boxes. After conversations with local teachers, we have chosen My Place, which will include a history of Govanhill; community activism; tilemaking; multicultural cookery; and Scotland’s Ellis Island, which will explore the history of people arriving and making a home in Govanhill. Many of these topics will feed into longer-term activities at the baths once the Phase 1B refurbishment is completed. This could include cookery classes in our new kitchen, or a tilemaking course with Rags to Riches upcycling project. The possibilities are endless!

That’s it for now, but look out for future What’s On guides for updates to the school projects, as well as information on many other exciting Learning & Outreach activities. To find out more about anything we are planning, please email our Learning & Outreach Officer Katherine: her email address is katherine@govanhillbaths.com

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