Theatre has played an important role in the campaign to regenerate Govanhill Baths. In 2012, National Theatre of Scotland brought their acclaimed production of ‘Lifeguard’ to the Baths and since then other theatre companies and artists have seen the potential within this historic and beautiful building. Govanhill Theatre Company, now the company in residence have presented several successful plays which have continued to entertain audiences from Govanhill and beyond

and helped to keep the campaign to restore The Baths in the public eye.

Some of the highlights so far include an all-female production of Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’, produced in association with the Royal Shakespeare Company during the 2014 Southside Fringe Festival and which was subsequently performed to sell-out audiences in Stratford-Upon-Avon, the home of William Shakespeare and the RSC. Our production of Tony Roper’s popular play The Steamie was a memorable occasion, the chance to present and see that play in the only remaining steamie in

Glasgow was an unforgettable experience. ‘The Battle of Calder Street’ brought to the stage the dramatic moments in 2001 when the baths were threatened with closure and local people stood up Glasgow City Council and the police and occupied their beloved baths for 6 months. The protest didn’t save the building from closure at the time but did pave the way for the community to eventually reclaim the building and begin the process of restoring a wonderful building. Other notable productions recently include a chilling dramatisation of ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘Wasted’

a play by Kate Tempest, one of the most exciting young performance artists in the UK today.

Throughout the coming year, Govanhill Theatre Company will continue to bring some of the best classical and contemporary theatre to the southside of Glasgow and encourage other touring theatre companies to perform in The Baths. There will also be opportunities for people of all ages to get involved in theatre through workshops and productions and even just helping out on the night.

It is your theatre, please come and get involved