Govanhill Baths Art: Culture Collective

Culture Collective is a national network of projects to bring artists and communities together and co-create in new ways. It was initiated by Creative Scotland and the Scottish Government as part of the investment to counter the post-pandemic crisis in the arts and culture sector. The network  provides employment for artists throughout Scotland and funds for their work with the communities in which they are based. 

The Culture Collective network is also allowing communities and artists to find new ways to work together. The project is being thoroughly evaluated by a team at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh who will report on the valuable lessons already being learnt.

You can find more information about the national Culture Collective network here.   

Govanhill Baths is a member of the Culture Collective network and employs five professional artists or creative practitioners to work with the community in Govanhill. The over-arching theme of OCCUPY! reflects the recent history of the Baths and the artists will interpret it within their own practice and with the community.

Follow the links to find out more about the current artistic team, events they are involved in and recent articles published: