Govanhill Baths Art

Art is at the heart of the campaign to save Govanhill Baths. Creativity from and with the community is vital for our personal and collective health and should be part of everyone’s life. 

Since the occupation of the baths an extensive and high-quality programme of creative activities has been presented and produced in the building, run by staff and volunteers in partnership with local and national organisations. That work has continued and spread through Govanhill as the building is renovated.

Art and creativity is present in nearly everything we do, whether as a carrier of wellbeing and healing or a platform for questioning and change. 

You will see specific arts events [here] and in our [Whats On brochure]. We are planning for a full programme of event to accompany the re-opening of the baths and amongst all that these examples of our work will be continuing:

The Govanhill International Festival and Carnival

The carnival is a joyous, colourful and proud celebration of all that is Govanhill. Every August the festival is two weeks of music workshops, exhibitions, performance and sharing. The festival and carnival in 2022 were the biggest ever and were an energetic landmark for post-pandemic Govanhill.

Govanhill International Festival and Carnival is, and will always be, an anti-racist festival: celebrating the contributions immigrants have made to a community that is home to people of 40+ nationalities speaking 60+ languages.

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Govanhill Baths Culture Collective

Culture Collective is a national network of projects for artists and communities to work together and co-create in new ways. It was initiated by Creative Scotland and the Scottish Government as part of the investment to offset the post-pandemic crisis for the arts and culture sector, provide employment for artists and find new ways to work together.

Govanhill Baths is a member of the Culture Collective network and employs five professional artists or creative practitioners to work with the community in Govanhill. The over-arching theme of OCCUPY! reflects the recent history of the Baths and the artists will interpret it within their own practice and with the community.

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Download our Art and Regeneration Study (PDF)