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Our Rights, Our Communities

We’re delighted to have been awarded New Scots Refugee Integration Delivery Project funds by the Scottish Government, COSLA and the UNESCO Chair at the University of Glasgow.

‘Our Rights, Our Communities’ is a partnership project with Govanhill Baths Community Action Programme, Unity Sisters and Milk Café.

The Project will deliver a unique model of community-based, New Scots Women-led advocacy over 2021 and 2022. Exploring, acknowledging and developing an understanding of intersectional oppression, we will create collective and accessible resources to tackle it from a grassroots perspective.

‘Our Rights’ aims at furthering equality and human rights of New Scots (Refugee, Asylum Seeking and Migrant) Women. Following the principles of redistribution of power; the project will increase knowledge and skills for organisational development and capacity while promoting alliance building between organisations working with New Scots Women.

Asylum seekers, refugee and migrant women suffering discrimination will create an understanding of inequalities and human rights issues pertinent and specific to their own context. They will develop tools and skills to influence and fulfil their rights.

The Project will deliver:
  • A local New Scots Women-led peer support network.
  • Targeted training and mentorship to participants.
  • Ethical, culturally-appropriate and sustained advocacy programming to New Scots Women in their communities.
  • A programme of events engaging the wider community towards challenging bigotry, hate and discrimination against Refugees and Asylum seekers, whilst celebrating diversity and fostering community-embedded solidarity.

“Our Rights” will put the needs of New Scots Women at the heart and head of the struggle for equality. They will be at the forefront in delivering anti-racist and equality work, rather than having equality done for them.

This is a unique and innovative approach that empowers Refugee-led grassroots groups
to address the gap in service provision currently available to them; while providing the tools and practices required to deliver change and support their organisations in the long term.

For an overview of the project’s first six months click to view the report here.

For more information please email


Knowledge is Power: A peer-led Evaluation of the ‘Our Rights, Our Communities’ Advocacy Project

By Virginie Clayton, Gislaine Mbayi, Lydia Gitamvu, Syeda Sadaf, Lill Casas Tortoledo and Weam Al Zaidi

Community-Embedded Peer Advocacy centred on Refugee and Asylum-Seeking Women
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Below, comments from Ruoxue (Rosie) Yang’s degree show based on her work on this project.

The project is part-funded through the European Union Asylum Migration Integration Fund. Making management of migration flows more efficient across the European Union.