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The Community Capacity project is part of Govanhill Baths’ Community Regeneration, and connects to the GBCT’s Wellbeing, GBArt, Rags to Riches and other programmes.

Building on the extensive work during the 2020 COVID-19 response, we are now providing resources, guidance, employment, training and governance support to local groups, so they can effectively and sustainably develop and rebuild their communities. Our approach is a bottom-up, grassroots, and community-run, providing tailored support to specific needs.

Our current partner organisations include:

The programme of activities focuses on engendering opportunities for connection, fomenting participation and a sense of communal purpose.

The Capacity Building project also provides platforms for the Govanhill community to voice their issues and organise, increasing people’s spheres of influence and providing opportunities for people to have a say on big issues.

Keep an eye out for our programme of public events, coming soon!

GBCT’s Capacity Building
  • Supports individual community groups build confidence, skills and independence.
  • Facilitates contact between groups to share ideas, experience and practice.
  • Supports community advocates on local partnerships, networks, forums etc. and challenge any ‘gate-keeping’.
  • Supports groups to actively play roles in planning, development and change in local services.
  • Helps groups develop productive relationships with local decision-makers such as councillors, NHS and other agencies and anchor organisations.

If you want to find out more about this project and how we can support your organisation please contact Alexandra Krause via emailing or phone 0141 433 2999.

Our work is featured a in a new report published by Community Land Scotland on community owned assets.

Click to view report (PDF)

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