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Kiln Hire

We have three Electric Kilns at the Deep End available to hire for Bisque and Glaze firings.

Our prices are based on kiln volume and electricity usage at our studio’s pre-set temperatures (1120C bisque and 1101C Glaze).

All firings include technical consultation and the cost of our technicians loading and unloading the kilns.

All Clays and Glazes not bought through Govanhill Baths Ceramics must be viewed and approved by one of our technicians before we will fire. This may require us seeing original Glaze packaging or recipes.

Any bespoke programs or longer firings will incur an extra cost.

Our technicians reserve the right to refuse any firings.

Small Kiln dimensions and costs

33.5cm (W) X 33.5cm (W) X 42cm (H) = 47 Litres
Bisque Firing £20
Glaze Firing £25

Medium Kiln dimensions and costs

44cm (W) X 45cm (W) X 64cm (H) = 126 Litres
Bisque Firing £25
Glaze Firing £30

Large Kiln dimensions and costs

61cm (W) X 61cm (D) X 86cm (H) = 325 Litres
Bisque Firing £35
Glaze Firing £45


Any unidentifiable clays or glazes will be rejected.

Govanhill Baths Ceramics is not responsible for any damages and/or loss of works.

All Glazed works must have the foot wiped clean and must be fired on a bat to prevent damage to the kiln hardware.

If a member is found to have caused damage to the kilns (e.g. explosion or melt down) or other equipment through improper use they may be liable for costs of repair.