After creating our first unique brand of upcycling events in 2012 (This Is Not A Craft Fair) and successfully delivering the  This Is Not A Fashion Show (an upcycled design event in 2014), we continued with another  innovative event with the iconic Govanhill Baths Main Pool dressed with one of Altronica’s infamous installations. This included thought-provoking performances, interactivity and an upcycling extravaganza.

Emerging designers Lucy Barge and Gail Coates showcased collections of de-constructed garments and jazzy funked-up hoodies along with Thrifty Little’s candy-pop upcycled gear and toytastic accessories.

Hamish Mash joined us with a collection of sharp upcycled outfits along with Sew La Tea Dough’s extreme-mending collection. Rags to Riches’ tutors, participants and volunteers showcased a trashonista collection made with men’s ties, plastics and other post-consumer waste.