A Sonic Soak

85a Collective 21-22 August 2010

An experimental plunge into the tiled depths of this disused Edwardian swimming pool.  A kaleidoscopic shoal of musicians, sound artists, orators, costumed performers, sculptures and local filmmakers performed in the pool in August 2010.

With the cavernous, echoing acoustics of the main pool in mind, a line-up of massively talented artists from the local area, wider Scotland and further a field, who, over the weekend, drenched us with their own unique audio maelstrom.
Saturday music was by: Skizzwang, Jim Colquhoun, Williwaw, Sarah Kenchington, George Murray, Konx-om-Pax. Peter Nicholson, Spirit Animullz, Billy Boyd, Perfumed Head, RM Hubbert, Dave Tunstall, Prosthetics, The International, Tut Vu Vu

Sunday music was by: Jack Wrigley, The Parsonage, Mark Hesling, Moshy Wader, A Rhythmtic, Craig Bayne, Jim Singing Cat, 2nd Conservatory Extension, 1.21 Gigawatts, Jamie Grier, Dave Peron & The Bistro Band, Jen Sykes, Graeme Ronald (Remember Remember)

Art and films by: Acidraft, Judd Brucke, Sarah Milne, Simon Yuill, Alan Stanners and August Krogan Roly