Mandela Day

We were invited to develop an activity for the Hidden Gardens ‘Mandela Day’ at the Tramway. Inspired by the themes of nominal volunteer time We invited 8 Rags to Riches volunteers and provided community arts facilitators training.They were each paired of with a participant and supported them to create an upcycled Nmeble doll,: a south African good fortune doll.

Refugee Week

Rags to Riches delivered a series of furniture upcycling workshops and re-vamped small furniture pieces with themes pertinent to Refugee Week ‘Welcome’ theme.Working in partnership with Govan and Craigton Integration Network; a local community organisation supporting refugee and asylum seekers in providing various kinds help and advice, we upcycled a range of home furniture using decoupage and images referring to the research carried out during design sessions. These design sessions explored what it means to be a refugee? The lives of refugees living in Glasgow? How welcomed they have felt here? These pieces were then exhibited at the Arches in a dedicated pop up living room area, allowing visitors to interact and reflect on the issues raised.