I am Govanhill

Working in partnership with Govanhill Housing Association, Friends of Romanolav, along with pupils from Shawlands Academy and other members of the local community, this ambitious project involved a series of upcycling workshops aimed at creating 46 stunningly vibrant and innovative visual art installations celebrating Govanhill’s diverse community.

The works were created using waste plastics, found objects and other post-consumer waste. We estimate that 13kg (each main panel weighing around 600grams) of waste was used and diverted from landfill as result. The participants who took part and the project tutors learned about different cultures through online research, conversations and dialogue with each other. The workshops also included design and making sessions using art, design and craft skills as well as problem-solving and composition skills. To create the work we gathered, collected and used an array of discarded everyday objects. such as toys, plastic bags, soft metals, bottle tops, cans, plastic cutlery, broken jewellery and so forth.

All 46 panels were then installed on lampposts along Victoria Road in spring 2016 and are currently still in situ.

This project was kindly supported by Glasgow Life Vibrancy Fund, ASDA Foundation and Bemis.

If you’d like to find out more about our work, please don’t hesitate to contact us at ragstoriches@govanhillbaths.com.