Exhibition at the Govanhill Baths as part of the Centenary Celebrations
23 August till 4 September 2014

The exhibition celebrated the campaign to keep the baths open by showing examples of endurance within the arts. This group show attempted to bring together a variety of national and international artists in a multi media arts spectacle. The exhibition tried to deal with questions which people ask themselves every day. How do we cope? How do we keep going? How do we endure? How much can we take? Artists in particular ask these questions brought an exciting selection of works dealing with the subject of endurance.

100 years of a beautiful building and a long 11 year struggle to ‘SAVE OUR POOL’. We took inspiration from a short film called “The Passage 2011” made by Artists GÆG Wolfgang Aichner / Thomas Huber and Film maker Matthias Fuchs. http://www.passage2011.org/

Artists who took part in the exhibition: Ruth Barker, Maurice Doherty, Marysia Gacek, Mads Holm, Hae Byn Hoon, Leanne Hopper, Lynn Howard, Richard Krantz, Heather Lane, Reginald Macdonald, Rose Ruane, Alexandra Sarkisian, David Sherry, Yvonne Taylor, Teresa Vaughan, Del Whitticase, James Stephen Wright, Daniela Zahlner, Saule Zuk

Curated show by Olivia Guertler and Joanne Neill the exhibition brought together a wide range of work from Glasgow based and International artists.