Deep Breaths

Deep Breaths Art Exhibition: 19-20 Sep 2009

An exhibition of art work in and about the Govanhill Baths

Deep Breaths was an exhibition of art work in and about the Govanhill Baths, featuring 23 artists whose exhibits respond to the Baths campaign including its history, architecture and personal memories of the Baths in use. From small quiet art works tucked in corners, to large sculptures, photography and ceramics, these were thoughtful and varied responses.

“Artists worked to select and to articulate; to contradict and to
celebrate; to memorialise and to embellish; to reinforce; to
historicise; to invent; to explore; and to reveal. They worked at
every scale from the monumental to the intimate. They occupied
every corner and run the fingerprints of their consideration over every

Contributing artists:
Becky Campbell
Malcolm Dobson
Pamela Doherty
Hazel Donaldson
Vicki Fleck
Christine Gibson
Olivia Guertler
Annie Gray
Danielle Heath
Rebecca Lindsay
Katie Lowery
Susan MacAskill
Marielle MacLeman
Iain McLean
Nikki McWilliams
Jeni Pearson
Hugh Pizey
Lucie Potter
Louise Schmidt
Ally Wallace
Chris Wallace
Andrew Wild
Lynn Wray