Design the next set of notes for

The People’s Bank of Govanhill

Call for local artists to design the new Govanhill currency

The People’s Bank of Govanhill is looking for Govanhill based artists to design a new set of notes or coins for this exciting local currency project.
Previous editions of notes were designed by Ailie Rutherford and by Marvin Gaye Chetwynd.

Design requirements

Designs for screen-printed notes should be in two colours and sized 15cm by 5cm, containing “The People’s Bank of Govanhill” in at least four locally spoken languages. (See below for previous designs).
Notes will then be hand-screen printed.
Alternatively if you would like to design a coin or other unit of currency, you must be able to produce an edition of 100 for a budget of up to £100

Design fee

The selected designer will be paid £250 for their work, plus an optional £100 if they wish to produce the currency rather than have it screen-printed


Design ideas for notes or currency do not need to be highly finished at this stage, a simple sketch, digital image or collage showing the design idea is fine.

Artists should also send a short statement (maximum 200 words) explaining their connection to Govanhill. This could be that you live here, work here, go to school in Govanhill or swam at The Baths.

Digital submissions should be sent to
before 31st July
Or paper submissions can be handed in to Govanhill Baths, please put these in an envelope clearly marked “People’s Bank of Govanhill Note Design” and include your name and contact details.

Entries will be accepted from individuals and groups

for more information and updates follow @govanhillbank on twitter
or e-mail