Results from our Annual Survey 2024

We would like to thank you for participating in our survey between 11th and 29th of February. 120 people contributed, a sample size of almost 35%.

We are grateful for your trust and appreciation of our services. 28% of you mentioned “friendly staff” as the best thing about the Pantry, followed by “value for money” – 24%, “variety of stock” – 17%, “quality of food” – 16%, “community” – 5%, “local access” – 8%, and “reduces food waste” – 2%.

Your responses also revealed a shortage of several items, including halal food, oil, dairy (milk/ cheese/ butter), eggs, meat and fish, baby items, and other essential products. There was also a desire for different selections of veg and toiletries. We have heard you and we are working to address these shortages.

Around 35% of you took a meal from The Hidden Kitchen while 94% of you feel it’s beneficial to keep providing the service. We are glad you all feel it’s useful and you are able to enjoy the healthy and delicious food they make us. If haven’t had one you should definitely give them a go!

Some of you have expressed interest in participating in gardening sessions, cookery classes, litter picking, and workshops. Good news! Our gardening sessions are due to restart – see below. We will also look into fundraising for the development of other projects.

We are humbled that 95% of you ranked our services as important and very important to your daily lives (63% – ranked 10/10, 17% – ranked 9/10,15% – ranked 8/10). We will continue to deliver our best and improve our services wherever possible, while also getting more people off the waiting list!

If you have any questions with regard to the survey, feel free to email us.