‘Our Rights, Our Communities’ was a partnership project between Govanhill Baths Community Trust, Unity Sisters and Milk Café.

This project was delivered at a time where New Scots are suffering severe institutional racism, discourses on refugee rights are moving further to the right, and government policy continues to strip refugees of their human rights. Our project was a peer-led project piloted for the first time with New Scots women. The aim of the project was to provide a unique model of community-based New Scots Women-led advocacy, as well as peer support services.

By exploring, acknowledging and developing an understanding of intersectional oppression, we have created collective and accessible resources to tackle these issues from a grassroots perspective. Our innovative approach empowers New Scots women-led grassroots groups to address the gap in service provision currently available to them; while also providing the tools and practices required to deliver change and support their organisations in the long-term.

The project aimed to:

  • To further equality and human rights of New Scots Women, following the principles of redistribution of power
  • To increase knowledge and skills for organisational development and capacity
  • To promote alliance building between organisations working with New Scots Women
  • To create an understanding of inequalities and human rights issues pertinent and specific to New Scots
  • To develop tools and skills to influence and fulfil their rights

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