The Govanhill Baths Community Trust (GBCT) are delighted to announce that they have commissioned artist Nathan Coley to develop ideas for an artwork that will form part of the physical fabric and social history of the building in its next phase of redevelopment. Support from Creative Scotland will enable Nathan to carry out an intensive period of research and development, immersing himself in the life and work of the building and its community.

Sixteen years after Govanhill Baths was closed by the Council in the face of massive public opposition, the GBCT have secured funding to redevelop the building as a Wellbeing Centre, incorporating the refurbishment of two of the original pools.

“After years of struggle the community deserves to celebrate this major achievement to preserve and regenerate the Baths” Fatima Uygun, Trust Manager and long standing campaigner

This commission builds on a significant history of creative activity that has been embedded in the work of the Govanhill Baths Community Trust from the outset and used to engage, communicate, delight, agitate and celebrate the struggle to reopen the Govanhill Baths. The arts and cultural activities have always played a significant role in our history and also in our current programme delivery. Govanhill Baths is now considered a major artistic hub attracting local and international artists and arts events as well as delivering popular community based activities.

Nathan, a turner prize nominee, is internationally renowned and has produced site-specific sculptures for a wide variety of contexts. He also lives locally and has a personal connection to the building. He is excited about working with the Trust and contributing to the redevelopment.

Nathan Coley

Nathan Coley

“I learnt to swim in Govanhill Baths 30 years ago, and lived in the area during the early years of political stand-off and demonstration. Politics, community and culture are always a potent mix for me, and I’m delighted to be part of the baths future. I’m looking forward to making something potent and memorable for the redevelopment, and I’m also counting down the days until I will swim again”.