A person in a hardhat and hi-visibility clothes kneels on a wood floor and looks above at windows in a roof.

Final push needed to help save our iconic Baths as the project celebrates a major milestone.

Govanhill Baths Community Trust are celebrating a significant step forward in the refurbishment of the iconic Baths but despite the completion of all of the external renovation work, more funding is needed to reopen the Baths. The 22 year struggle continues!

Like most current construction projects ours has been beset by delays and spiralling construction costs caused by Covid and exacerbated by Brexit, the war in Ukraine and cost of living crisis. These factors mean that we have a significant shortfall of £6.5 million to bring the project to completion.

The Govanhill Baths Community Trust are now calling for renewed financial support from backers in order to realise a vision that has been over two decades in the making.

Alex Wilde, Chair of Govanhill Baths Community Trust, said:

“After 22 years we are still fighting for the reopening of Govanhill Baths.

“It is a huge disappointment to us that the funding which we fought so hard to secure is no longer sufficient to complete the refurbishment as planned and the budget does not enable the building to be fitted out with everything it needs to function.

“We are at a crucial point where we need to keep on fighting for the building that this community so desperately needs and deserves after all this time. We are asking the community, supporters, partners and funders to stand by us so that we don’t lose the momentum that we have fought so hard to gain.”

Niall Murphy, Chair Govanhill Baths Building Preservation Trust, said:

“We are proud that the first stage in the refurbishment of Govanhill Baths has been completed and extensive works to the fabric of the building have reversed years of decay.

“Decades of disuse haven taken a great toll, but we’ve turned the clock back and now have a building fit for the next 100 years.

Alison Thewliss MP Glasgow Central, said:

“While it is positive to see that progress is being made on the refurbishment of the Govanhill Baths, there is still a long way to go before this project is complete.

“A number of factors including inflation and Covid-19 have caused unavoidable rises in costs. With new funding, the Baths would be able to reopen and thrive once again.

“I will continue to work with those involved at the Baths to ensure that all possibilities are explored and the reopening of such an important place can take place as soon as possible. In these difficult times for many, such a pillar of the community being open could make a huge difference to so many lives. The Govanhill people deserve to have a place to swim again.”

The completed works has successfully conserved the entire roof, stone walls and windows, the concrete structure has had extensive repair, historic features have been preserved and structural alterations made to get the building ready for its future use. The repaired building includes a completely restored roof with all the rooflights repaired or renewed, allowing light to flood into the building while keeping the rain out.

Tours of the building to see some of the new features inside the building will take place during Glasgow Doors Open Days Festival in September. When the first phase is complete, the wellbeing centre will include two swimming pools, sauna, gym, and

The delays and massive price increases mean that the original budget wasn’t sufficient and we are currently costing the fit out of the building, which we expect could be a similar sum. We are working with all funders, the design team and the massive effort of staff and volunteers in the organisation on an ongoing basis to identify solutions but there are big challenges ahead and a significant gap in funding.