International Women’s Day 2022: 10th March

Unlocking your power

Thursday 10th March, 9:30am – 11:30am
Larkfield Centre: 39 Inglefield Street, Glasgow G42 7AY
Booking required. Book here

Unlocking our power: This session will be led by Susan Campbell, Female Empowerment coach. Susan has many years of experience working with individual and groups of women, gently nurturing the, often hidden, power and strength within women, which emerges when we support each other.

Grounding in Power

Thursday 10th March, 10am – 12pm
The Barn Youth and Community Centre: 37 Abbotsford Place, Glasgow G5 9QS

Booking required. Book here

Join us as part of our International Womens’ Day celebrations in this workshop designed to ground you in power!

Facilitator Teresa Banos will lead us through a combination of reflective and experiential activities to explore the following:

  • What is confidence?
  • How do I feel when I feel confident?
  • What are the sources of my confidence?

The goal is to leave the session with a greater understanding of what confidence looks like for you. We will plan how we can draw on our confidence in moments when we need it most, particularly when campaigning or when standing up for our rights.

This event is part of ‘Our Rights, Our Communities’, a partnership project with Govanhill Baths Community Trust, Unity Sisters and Milk Café Glasgow.

Judgements and Expectations

The Barn Youth and Community Centre: 37 Abbotsford Place, Glasgow G5 9QS

5:30pm – 7:30pm
Closed event

Following the feminist tradition of consciousness-raising groups, a discussion about the judgments and expectations that women face in everyday life will help to bring up personal stories and see how they are similar.

These parallels will aid in the identification of “collective” challenges and gender inequalities, reiterating that “personal is political.” The participation of women from various generations and social/cultural backgrounds in this discussion aims to break down generational and cultural barriers.

Film projection

Thursday 10th March, 6:30pm – 7pm
Milk Cafe – 452 Victoria Rd, Govanhill, Glasgow G42 8YU

We will be screening short films made by the Unity Sisters on our shop window, for all passersby to enjoy!

Unity Sisters is a self-organised support group for asylum-seeking women, refugees and their children. They are a group of women who have all experienced the process of going through the immigration system, and whose main focus is to support women who’ve shared those same experiences.