Women and the 21 st Century Environment

A Festival for International Women’s Day 2018

07 – 10 March 2018

Supported by Glasgow Life Vibrancy Fund

International Women’s Day began in 1909 in New York as a celebration of the movement for Women’s Rights. It was adopted by the UN in 1975 and is celebrated around the world each year on 8th March. This Festival, organised by Govanhill Baths Community Trust and Rags to Riches in conjunction with Crossroad YCA, CREW recovery group and Free Period Scotland Campaign will continue that tradition of celebrating the movement for Women’s rights.



Wed 07 Mar – Sat 10 Mar

The Foyer Govanhill Baths

The exhibition will kick-off the Festival with a launch on Wednesday 07 March with a talk by Victoria Heaney of Free Period Scotland. For the duration of the exhibition a collection of donations of period products will take place which will be given to Glasgow Womens’s Night Shelter for Refugees.



Thu 08 March 2018

A series of workshops looking at the environmental impact of disposable sanitary products and a chance to learn new skills in a safe and relaxed environment. 

Workshop 1 Enviromenstrual

This workshop will include a discussion around the disposal and environmental impact of menstrual products.We will also support participants to create their own re-usable menstrual pads using basic sewing skills.

Workshops 2 PANTS! – Make Your Own

This workshop will involve gaining skills to make your own pants out of recycled textile materials.

Workshop 3 Liberation Poster Printing

Upcycled printing workshop themed around gender, environment and climate adaptation slogans

Workshop 4 Enviromenstrual

A repeat of Workshop 1 for in the evening providing access for those who  are not able to attend the day workshop.

These workshops are women only and are FREE, to register for the workshops contact Nadine ragstoriches@govanhillbaths.com



Fri 09 and Sat 10 March 2018

Confessionals by Victoria McNulty

Fri 09 Mar 7.30pm

Confessionals by Victoria McNulty is a story of domestic violence and Glasgows football culture, fist performed at the Visible Womens Festival and now published by Speculative Books.

The Drift by Hannah Lavery

Sat 10 Mar 7.30pm

The Drift by writer and poet Hanna Lavery is a one-woman show looking at issues of identity and the colonial experience. It was first performed as part of the Workers Theatre Megaphone Residencies for women of colour.

Entry by donation