Govanhill vs Climate Chaos: 11th November

Climate Fresk

Tuesday 9th November, 2pm – 5pm
Tuesday 11th November, 2pm – 5pm
Venue Room, The Deep End, 21 Nithsdale Street (G41 2PZ)

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Climate Fresk is a game of collective intelligence that discusses different issues around climate change and how they are connected. It’s fun, collaborative and scientifically thorough (IPCC-based).

By the end of the 3 hour workshop, you will feel empowered to take meaningful action against climate change.

It is a ‘serious game’ highlighting causes and consequences of climate change, based on collective intelligence and creativity, whose content is taken from IPCC reports. Quarter of a million people have already experienced it.

The Climate Fresk is addressing Climate Education for everyone as a way to onboard civil society alongside corporations, NGOs or governmental entities for developing and implementing sustainable behaviours and standards.

After experiencing a workshop, a participant can become a facilitator, with a training session of three hours, to spread further the knowledge about Climate Science.

Come and play!

The Forest of Paper and Quest to the South Lung – Adventure Games Launch and Game Play Night

Thursday 11th November, 6pm – 8pm
Venue Room, The Deep End, 21 Nithsdale Street (G41 2PZ)

Rumpus Room and artist Holly White invite you to the launch of two new adventure games The Forest of Paper and Quest To The South Lung! Explore how among many other things, a tiny action can have enormous consequences and make us question our motives. The games are suitable for ages 14+.

Indigenous Textiles: A Cultural Collaboration Exhibition

Thursday 11th November, 10am – 5:30pm
Venue Room, The Deep End, 21 Nithsdale Street (G41 2PZ)

This event celebrates the importance and power of partnerships in art, tradition and international cultures. This exhibition is a coming together of textile heritages thousands of miles apart, presenting a diverse collection of traditional dress from Latin American indigenous communities – but with a Scottish textile twist!