Govanhill International Festival

The 3rd Govanhill International Festival and Carnival will launch on Thursday 1st August and run until  the 11th.

The event began in 2017 as a creative approach to combating racism and celebrate the uniqueness of Govanhill as the most diverse community in Scotland. In 2019 the festival will take place over eleven days, showcasing the rich cultural diversity of the area
– which is home to over forty nationalities speaking over sixty languages. The festival has grown to include our cultures and talents in all their forms with over fifty events: music, talks, films, performances, workshops and happenings including the first Govanhill Book Festival and the UK’s first ever Roma Film Festival. The pinnacle of all the festivities is our parade and carnival on Saturday 3rd August, bringing everyone together for a funpacked day of celebration.

We have tried to make our events free wherever we can, or affordable, and as family-friendly as possible, ensuring that the
highest quality of arts are made accessible to all. Let us remember, no matter what our background and heritage, we
are all Govanhillians. It is diversity that makes Govanhill great. Let’s celebrate our unique and vibrant community with pride!

Click to download the full Festival Programme (PDF)