Stylised image of young woman with arm aloft dancing. Text reads: Govanhill International Carnival and Festival.

We’re delighted to announce the programme for our annual Govanhill International Festival & Carnival!

Now in our seventh year, we’re thrilled to bring you a programme of events fusing together art, heritage and community activism. This two-week long showcase of music, talks, walks, film, art exhibitions and workshops is a testament to the amazing cultural, ethnic and religious diversity that exists right here in Govanhill.

The richness of our flourishing arts and culture scene proves that our multiculturalism and heritage is what makes Govanhill such a unique part of glasgow and is why we’re so proud to live here and call this community ours! The festival may have grown in scale and size over the years, but at its heart, it will always be an anti-racist festival. Every year, we will continue to celebrate the contributions that immigrants have made to Govanhill, showing that there is no room for racism in our community.

We’re delighted to be able to say that the Govanhill Parade and Carnival will be making a colourful return and the parade promises to be a much-needed and urgent show of anti-racist unity against division and the scapegoating of migrants for a crisis they aren’t to blame for. The Carnival and Parade stands as a statement from the people of Govanhill and across Glasgow, that we take pride in our diversity. We’ll be marching in solidarity, stating loudly and visibly to anyone who doubts it, that everyone is welcome here!

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