Govanhill International 2024 An Anti-Racist Festival of Creativity, Solidarity, and Liberation

The Govanhill International Festival and Carnival 2024 returns for its 8th year, celebrating creativity, solidarity, and liberation. From Thursday, 1st August to Sunday, 11th August, this two-week event features music, talks, walks, films, art exhibitions, and workshops, showcasing Govanhill’s rich cultural diversity delivered in partnership with inspiring organisations.

This year, to mark the Remembering Together Covid Memorial Sculpture installation in Queen’s Park, Glasgow, the festival invites grassroots communities to envision regenerative, sustainable, and equitable ways of living during a special co-creative gathering on 4th August. Events in Queen’s Park and across Govanhill include talks, film screenings, music, performances, walks, workshops, exhibitions, feasts, and restorative meditations. Reflecting on diverse experiences, we provide a platform for varied voices and showcase grassroots organisations that have fostered support systems and mutual aid.

At its core, the Govanhill International Festival and Carnival is an anti-racist festival. We celebrate immigrants’ contributions to Govanhill, affirming that there is no room for racism in our community. Despite growing in scale, our commitment to anti-racism remains steadfast.

We are excited to announce the jubilant return of the Govanhill Parade and Carnival on the 3rd of August 2024. This vibrant parade is a crucial show of anti-racist unity against division and the scapegoating of migrants. It stands as a declaration of pride in our diversity and solidarity with all communities. We’ll march in solidarity, proclaiming that everyone is welcome here.

Our festival is a community-driven effort. The 2024 programme includes projects conceived and organised by Govanhill-based organisations, artist-led initiatives, and the Govanhill Baths Community Trust team. It spans exhibitions, performances, heritage walks, collective meditations and gatherings, creative reuse and food system development projects, community organising, and publishing efforts, all varying in scale and duration.

Join Us as a Volunteer for Govanhill International Festival 2024!

We have had a very positive response to our appeal for volunteers at the Govanhill International Festival and Carnival. Thank you to everyone who has responded to our appeal so far!
We are now working on organising the programme of events, and coordinating arrangements for volunteers. We may reopen the appeal in a few weeks when we know more detail. Please watch this space if you are interested in volunteering to help us make the Festival go well.