Alongside Govanhill Theatre’s summer production of Tony Roper’s “The Steamie”, we are delighted to announce “The Steamie Project”.  The project aims to gather stories and memories of Glasgow’s steamies, developing into a creative project and the production of a book “Our Steamie”.

The project was inspired by Tony Ropers play and the poem “Govanhill” by Hollie McNish.  The book will capture the memories of Glasgow’s women and the importance of Steamies in Glasgows history.

We will be holding a party at the end of the project in Govanhill Steamie on 25th July and a launch event for the book at Glasgow Women’s Library on July 28th.  For further details contact Jennifer at or via 07841994010.

Govanhill Theatre’s production of The Steamie, directed by Victor Kennedy, takes place in the specially converted Govanhill Steamie 21-30 July, tickets available from