Photo by Nick Sims

It’s the 23rd anniversary of the occupation of Govanhill Baths.


Last month we marked the 23rd anniversary of the occupation of Govanhill Baths. In 2001 Glasgow City Council’s plans to close the Baths sparked community unity. On March 21, Save Our Pool – Southside Against Closure, campaigners entered the Baths and chained themselves to the cubicles – this was the start of an occupation that lasted 140 days and had a 24-hour picket outside. It was the longest occupation of a public building in the UK. Diverse campaigners, reflecting the community’s breadth, fiercely rallied to save their beloved baths. To read more about the history of the baths click here.

The occupation played a crucial role in raising awareness about the importance of the Govanhill Baths as a community asset and put pressure on the authorities to take action. Ultimately, the occupation and the Save Our Pool Campaign laid the groundwork for the establishment of the Govanhill Baths Community Trust and was formally constituted in 2004.  The Trust aims to transform the baths into a community hub, providing various facilities and programs to benefit the local residents.

Since its formation, the Trust has been working tirelessly to raise funds, engage the community, and develop plans for the renovation of the Govanhill Baths. They envision the building as a multi-purpose facility that will offer a wide range of services, including swimming pools, fitness facilities, community spaces, and cultural activities.

In addition to the physical renovation of the baths, the Trust is also involved in various community initiatives, such as health and wellbeing programs, arts projects, and educational activities. They actively involve local residents in decision-making processes and seek to address the diverse needs of the community.

Overall, the Govanhill Baths Community Trust is dedicated to revitalising the historic baths and creating a vibrant community space that promotes health, wellbeing, and social cohesion in Govanhill and beyond.

and has since been working to reopen the Baths as a Wellbeing Centre that contributes to the wider social, cultural and regeneration of Govanhill as a community through a range of activities. To read more about the development and progress of the Govanhill Baths building click here.

Currently some of our projects, including Rags to Riches, Ceramics, Archives and Arts take place in The Deep End, located on 21 Nithsdale Street. The People’s Pantry and Govanhill Youth Club are located on Cathcart Road and our Wellbeing programme projects take place in locations across the Southside.