Refurbished Ladies Pool

Govanhill Baths have been successful in receiving funding from the Regeneration Capital Grant Fund 2019/20 (RCGF), the joint Scottish Government and COSLA investment fund.

Funding of £2.15m will support Govanhill Baths Community Trust (GBCT) towards the aim of fully reopening our beloved baths for the local population and the people of Glasgow and key areas of this important Edwardian building to its original function. The refurbished spaces will also support the expansion of existing social enterprise initiatives for people in Govanhill, designed to respond to the needs of local people, providing opportunities for employment, volunteering and vocational development.

With all the funding now in place the refurbishment of the Baths can now begin in the summer of 2019.

Govanhill Baths Community Trust Chair, Alex Wilde, commented:
‘We are delighted to have this final piece of the jigsaw in place to finally start the redevelopment of the Goavnhill Baths. This success has been hard fought for and a result of the endless perseverance and determination by the Trust and its supporters. There is more hard work to come but the goal of restoring a much loved building and a creating a high quality Wellbeing facility for the community of Govanhill is within sight.’

David Cook, Project Director for the refurbishment of Govanhill Baths, added:
“This is great news for the health and wellbeing of the Govanhill community and a testament to many years of hard work from the Govanhill Baths team and their determination to bring the historic Baths back into sustainable use as an asset for Govanhill and Glasgow. This positive development means we now have the funding to start the tender process so we can get a contractor in place later in the year and then the community will start seeing progress.”