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Govanhill Baths Community Trust grew out of a long, hard fought and volunteer community campaign. Today an invaluable and highly significant amount of the work of the Trust is performed and supported by volunteers.  It is our goal to celebrate, as well as provide support, training and encouragement to all of our volunteers.

We have lots of great volunteering opportunities; from helping at our new Big Zero Waste Markets and Upcycling Craft Markets at the Deep End in Nithsdale Street to sharing the journey of the refurbishment of the Baths, through blogs and photography, and keeping track of all that has happened through the years with our Archive.

We also have volunteering opportunities at our very popular People’s Pantry, as well as lots of arts and wellbeing activities from upcycling workshops to yoga in the park. You can even cycle our new e-cargo bikes to collect materials for upcycling at our new UpHub at the Deep End! What is amazing about GBCT is the fantastic variety of opportunities, so whatever skills or experience you can bring we will have a role for you.

We also want to help you develop your own skills and experience when you are with us, so we can shape your involvement around this too.

At Govanhill Baths we greatly value and appreciate the input and commitment of our volunteers, and as such we are committed to fully training them, including continually looking at opportunities in which they can get the best out of their experience with us.

For more information or to register your interest in volunteering, complete the form here, send an email to volunteer@govanhillbaths.com or get in touch by phoning us on 0141 433 2999.

We have a range of volunteering opportunities

  • Rags To Riches our innovative upcycling/recycling programme
  • Event organising
  • Community research and outreach
  • Janitors/Building maintenance
  • Also if you have experience in trade skills (plumbing, joinery, electrician etc)