Street Music Festival: with Love Music Hate Racism Glasgow

Street Music Festival

Sunday 15 August
See map for locations around Govanhill

The Govanhill Street Music Festival is back! Join us to celebrate the rich and diverse musical contributions from the artists of Govanhill. This unique event showcases the talent and skill of top musicians and artists  – they take centre stage and fill the streets with music, bringing our community together.

Listen to traditional Bulgarian folk music from power house voice Vanya Semerdjieva of Loznitsa, the soulful tunes of French-Cameroonian singer-songwriter Djana Gabrielle and contemporary Classical guitar from Calum Borthwick and Celtic soul rebel music from An Tine Chnámh. Join the stage co-hosted by Romanolav and Ando Glaso featuring some of the best Roma musicians the area has to offer, and socially dis-dance against racism at the Love Music Hate Racism stage.

The street music festival is a powerful celebration of the talented artistic community of Govanhill and is a reminder of how music and culture can break down divisions and bring us together. We need to be united to tackle racism. This is what our music festival seeks to display – that the diversity in our community is our strength.

Love Music Hate Racism Stage

Sunday 15 August

Love Music Hate Racism is proud to co-host this year’s Govanhill Street Music Festival. We are an active anti-racist campaign that has been organizing in the city for many years. We believe passionately in music’s ability to bring people together to make a stand against racism and fascism. We were born out of the Rock Against Racism movement, a campaign that used the power of music to help chase out the racist National Front in the late 1970s. Love Music Hate Racism continues that legacy by fighting back against all forms of racism, fascism, islamophobia and xenophobia and providing a “soundtrack to the struggle.”

At this year’s street music festival, we will be making some noise against racism and partying with a purpose. Some stellar contributors to our 2020 album, The Beautiful Resistance, will be making an appearance, such as the roaring anti-fascist band The Kidney Flowers, soulful French-Cameroonian Singer-Songwriter Djana Gabrielle and more. Join us at our stage and let’s be louder than ever, in one of the most proudly anti-racist, multi-cultural, united communities in Glasgow.

Romano Lav & Ando Glaso Stage

Sunday 15 August

“We are (Friends of) Romano Lav! We are thrilled to be taking part at this year’s music festival to bring you some of the best, most talented musicians from the Roma communities.

“We work closely with Ando Glaso (In Tune) SCIO, a Scottish charity set up in 2017 to support cultural and community development of Roma people living in Scotland. Roma culture and traditions have been historically very important for Roma communities. Culture and arts, particularly music and dance has been a medium of engagement, interaction, inclusion and development for Romani people. We are proud to bring some of these voices to the stage.”

Working in partnership, Romano Lav and Ando Glaso will present the very best in local Roma musical talent for the Govanhill Street Music festival.

The event will showcase the colourful Roma music heritage alive amongst Govanhill’s Romanian, Czech and Slovak Roma communities. These traditions and the people keeping them alive are often hidden from the public eye. Our event will be a unique opportunity to experience this wonderful heritage performed by the most authentic representatives of Roma culture. Join us at our event and listen out for the ‘Romano Lav’ at this year’s festival. Don’t miss out!