Dreamlands: Amulet Workshop

Led by Mina Heydari-Waite,
Govanhill Baths Culture Collective project 

This is the same workshop repeated three times.
Please only book onto ONE workshop using the form below.


[CANCELLED Friday 7 April, 11am – 1pm] OR
Thursday 13 April, 6pm – 8pm OR
Friday 14 April, 11am – 1pm

Venue: The Deep End, 21 Nithsdale St, Glasgow G41 2PZ

In this workshop we will use our dream-lives as a point of departure to create a collection of ceramic amulets.

The first part of the workshop will involve a reflective process called ‘social dreaming’. We will share dreams and associated thoughts, weaving together a collaborative collage of images, ideas, cultural references and feelings. At the heart of this practice is the idea that our dreams may speak of the social contexts we are embedded in – our groups, our communities, our cultures – as much as they may speak of our inner lives.

The second part of the workshop will involve reflecting on our dreams, making links and connections where we can, and creating ceramic amulets that bear witness to this process. Our dream objects will form a glimmering trail in the Govanhill Baths’ building after its reopening.

You do not have to be a vivid dreamer to attend this workshop; while the session will involve sharing literal dreams, it will also be a dream-like space in which associations including memories, thoughts and feelings can also act as ‘dreams’.

This workshop is open to women and non-binary people who are comfortable in a space that centres the experience of women. Our use of the word women is inclusive of Trans and Intersex women. A communal meal and a £10 Tesco gift card (in lieu of participant travel expenses) will be provided. Childcare and taxis can be arranged as needed.

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