Today, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of International Roma Day.

Govanhill Baths Community Trust wish a happy International Roma Day to all our Roma neighbours. It is a day to celebrate the rich culture, history and heritage of Roma people worldwide and a day when Govanhill shows our support and solidarity with our Roma communities.

Although the pandemic has paused the annual parade through Govanhill, this year the celebrations have been moved online with a series of videos celebrating Roma culture and heritage, including a very special International Roma Day music video that our friends Romano Lav co-produced with Ando Glaso and the incredible Polish Roma band, Romane Cierhenia.

Filmed in Govanhill, it celebrates the beautiful Roma music, culture, and people on this special 50th International Roma Day. Check it out here:

On Saturday will be the official launch of ‘Acana aven seaoran’ (Here comes everyone!), a shop window photography exhibition of of International Roma Day marches of the past. Then, at 8:30pm, a special multi-media event will be screened on the window of MILK Café on Victoria Road – and online!

Opre Roma!